Meet our wonderful team!

Peter C. - Massage therapist

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Growing up studying tradition Okinawan karate, and yoga Peter discovered the benefits of meditation to keep him focused in school and teaching him the ability of the body to heal itself with a little help. He spends his time now raising his three year old son with his wife, and helping his two stepsons in any way he can.

After working for 12 years in the world of baking and pastry Peter decided to change careers for something that could better help others. Initially getting certified in Usui Reiki he continued on to school for massage therapy. He finishing his basic massage certification graduating summa cum laude. Now using his knowledge and intuition to apply effective yet relaxing treatments.

Kassi M. - Massage therapist


Kassi is a certified Licensed Massage Therapist from the Board of Nursing of VA. She graduated from Heritage Institute in 2009. She dreamed of becoming a Massage Therapist because she loves working with people and helping their mind and body relax. 

Kassi specializes in the art of deep tissue massage to help those with sports or overuse injuries rebound faster and with less pain.  Kassi's long term goal with massage therapy is to be able to take care of her daughters and have a full time practice of her own someday.

Rebecca O. - Massage Therapist


Rebecca is, board Certified (BCTMB) in therapeutic massage and bodywork with the NCBTMB since 1997; with special and extensive training in medical/wellness massage.

She became a Registered Polarity Practitioner with the American Polarity Therapy Association in 1998 with over 655 hours of training. Rebecca is also an E-RYT200 yoga teacher with Yoga teaching experience since 1997. She has performed massages on both movie sets and music venues. With her many talents in human massage, she is also an Equine Sports Massage Therapist since 1997 (w/ a history of horses that goes back to 1969). 

Trained in both Native American and Tibet Shamanic Studies. A Mudra/Crystal Master (trained by Dr. Sabrina Mesko) and then some,... with over 32 years experience in fitness, wellness and natural foods.  Her gift is teaching you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle with ease, personal power and grace.

Bekah O. - Massage Therapist


Certified since May of 2008, Bekah has been a licensed massage therapist for 10 years. She specializes in Sports therapy, Deep tissue, Pain management, and Prenatal massage. Bekah developed a passion for massage therapy when she had terrible back pain growing up and was taken from doctor to doctor. Finally, her mother took her to a massage therapist who pointed Bekah in the right direction for her to get help. She desires to help people the way this massage therapist helped her. 

Zachary G. - MassagE Therapist


Zachary is a Certified Massage Therapist from the Board of Nursing of VA. With over 18 years of Health & Wellness experience, he is also the personal Massage Therapist for Patrick O'Connell- Chef/Proprietor of The Inn at Little Washington. Zachary has also been: a Physiotherapy Tech; a Private Coach & Trainer; a Certified 5th Degree Black Belt- Master/Coach in Taekwondo; and a Blue Belt in Hapkido.

Zachary was an athlete from a Specialized Olympic School called the Albergue Olimpico (Olympic Center), a very prestige boarding school that trains top elite youth athletes to become the best in order to be the next top Olympic athlete. Zachary is an alumni from the Albergue Olimpico (Class of 2000), he was an athlete in the Olympic sport of Taekwondo.

The school had its own sports medical clinic center, where Zachary learned his first massage techniques when massages were being performed on him for recovery. His massages had its unique and humble beginnings as he started applying the techniques that he would learn to help some athletes recover from their sore and tired muscles and improve their recovery time in a even quicker fashion by providing sports and trigger point massage techniques. His wish is to continue this passion for learning new and improved massage techniques to help people recover and improve their overall body functionality. 

Kelsey C. - Master Esthetician

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Kelsey is a licensed Master Esthetician. She attended the Esthetic Institute in Vienna, VA where she completed both her Basic and Master level training and graduated in September 2018. She is certified in a variety of different skincare treatments, such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, and much more that we will be adding to our spa service menu soon! 

Kelsey's love for the esthetics field stems from her passion for creating individualized treatment plans for each of her clients that will not only give them the results they are looking for, but also the confidence they deserve. Book your facial with Kelsey today to see these results that make you feel a new sense of confidence in your own skin!

Loretta C. - Esthetician


Loretta graduated from DSCI Academy in Reston, VA in December of 2018. She chose the esthetics field because she firmly believes in the benefits of good skin care shine through physical appearance and mental wellbeing. 

Loretta is currently in school to earn her Master's Esthetics License at DSI Academy so that she can offer as many services as possible to help people achieve beautiful and healthy skin. Her goal is to help people gain confidence and feel amazing in their own skin.